InnoHabitS Projesi E-Öğrenme Platformu/ InnoHabits Project E-Learning Platform

Proje kapsamında tasarlanan bu e-öğrenme platformu, inovasyon yönetimi konusunda farkındalık oluşturmak, temel seviyede bilgi vermek ve KOBİ'lerin inovasyon yönetimi kapasitelerinin analiz edilmesi için insan kaynağı yetiştirilmek amacıyla tasarlanmıştır. 

Platformdaki dersler:
    • KOBİ'ler İçin İnovasyon Yönetimi 
    • İnovasyon Uzmanı Eğitimi
    • İnovasyon Uzmanı Eğitici Eğitimi

The aim of this e-learning platform designed within the project is to create awareness in innovation management, give information at a basic level and raise human resource for analyzing innovation management capacity of SMEs. 

         Courses on the platform:
    • Innovation Management for SMEs
    • Training for Innovation Consultants
    • Training for Innovation Consultant Trainers

Διαθέσιμα μαθήματα

Enrolment Key: DİE

Enrolment Key: Inovasyon

It is a complex course referring to the using of the Information Technology and Communication for Business development. The topics are addressed to a wide range of businesses, providing them with ways to increase efficiencies, collaboration and market presence, products and services. The course has the following structure:

  1. Information and Informatics System;
  2. Organization and development of business by electronic means, e-business;
  3. Knowledge of information and networks systems for online support;
  4. Methods and concepts for business development by electronic means;
  5. Information management systems and database
Enrolment key: ISfBD
It is a complex course, theoretical based with practical demonstrations, for a DBE-Digital Business Ecosystems, to evaluate, analyze, adapt, design, model, promote and implement such a DBE concept. It will help capacity building to assure an increase in regional SMEs competitiveness at regional and local levels and the creation of new job opportunities, Regional IT industry and research development, penetration of Turkish companies in the European market and the conformity with the objectives listed in the Lisbon Agenda (referring to the improvement of the business environment for the SMEs by utilizing innovative ICT technologies).

Enrolment Key: DBE