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“Building a Regional Habitat for Learning and Innovative SMEs – InnoHabitS” is the project which has been approved to be financed by European Commission, under the call for proposals 2017 of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training Programme. The project consortium involves 7 organizations from 5 different countries (Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain and Turkey).

InnoHabits aims to enhance innovation management capacity of the SMEs in Tr42 East Marmara Region by developing a new regional innovation ecosystem model in line with global trends, regional needs and potentials, and designing lifelong learning modules to raise human resources for the implementation of this model.


Development of a New Regional Innovation Ecosystem Model

A Regional Innovation Ecosystem Model is drawn up to analyze the existing innovation management skills of the SMEs in the region by examining the global trends, local dynamics and academic studies on the innovation capacity of SMEs. Within the scope of the field study, online survey, in-depth interviews with the SMEs and workshops are held to embody the work at the regional level. Based on the current situation, a new regional innovation ecosystem model specific to the region is developed with the contribution of our international partners’ views and experiences.


E-Platform is designed as a software tool for agglomeration of activities in innovation agenda of the region such as training, learning, evaluating innovation management capacity, receiving consultancy, sharing experiences and developing business network. The platform includes online training modules, registration interface for interactive training modules and digital library.